Thursday, May 27, 2010


Well it would have to be the best time ever and nearly the worst. I had such a great time at the convention learning heaps of new ideas, meeting lots and lots of wonderfully friendly ladies and getting to know our team members much more personally. We had a team get together on the first afternoon in our room and enjoyed swapping cards and 3D items with each other. A perfect way to get new ideas.
Then we had a fire alarm on the first night 1.30 am. We had no idea what was happening and some of us thought to grab warmer clothes but others just ran. It was a false alarm but very few of us were amused. By the time we got back to our rooms and settled down just dropping off to sleep at 3.30 am the alarm went off again and we were out on the streets of Sydney again but this time well prepared.
I had so much fun meeting women we admire on the internet. I had the opportunity to have my picture taken with Shelli (the CEO and cofounder of the company).
We also had the privilege of sitting with Shelli and her husband Sterling for Dinner on the Awards Night. Very enjoyable.
The incentive trip destination for next year was announced and all the deserving demonstrators will be off to Fiji. I was picked out of the audience along with other unsuspecting guests to dance on stage with the Fijians. Lots of fun and laughs for everyone. Won't be living that down for a while.
Well it went very quickly but we were very excited to learn that it will be in Melbourne next Year and will run for three days not two. Bring on Melbourne.

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  1. Now Tina.... How come you've put a picture of me in my pajama's on your blog, but there's no picture of you dancing with the Fijians!!! ROFL!! I know what I need to post on my blog! :)


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